This offer is for customers purchasing an OpenDTG Basic 2 complete printer and want to commit to buying consumables from OpenDTG in exchange for a discount on the printer purchase price.

How it works:

OpenDTG gives you an upfront discount on your printer purchased based on a commitment to buy a minimum of supplies per month for 24 months.

Printer Discount - Monthly minimum supply purchase

10% - 1 liter of ink and 1/2 gallon of pretreat
20% - 2 liters of ink and 1 gallon of pretreat
30% - 3 liters of ink and 1 gallon of pretreat
40% - 4 liters of ink and 2 gallons of pretreat
50% - 5 liters of ink and 3 gallons of pretreat
60% - 6 liters of ink and 4 gallons of pretreat
70% - 7 liters of ink and 4 gallons of pretreat
80% - 8 liters of ink and 5 gallons of pretreat
90% - 9 liters of ink and 5 gallons of pretreat
100% - 10 liters of ink and 6 gallons of pretreat


Rules and Restrictions:

  • 3 liter and up commitments are only available to existing shops that can provide proof of demand or historic purchases.

  • Require credit card on file with OpenDTG. We will notify you before charging your card.

  • Customer can cancel the contract at anytime by paying back the printer discount in full regardless of how many months of supplies have been purchased.

  • The ink quantity can be split between CMYK and White. 

  • Offer can't be combined with other ink discounts. Inks will be purchased at our retail price posted on the online store.

  • 1st month of supplies must be purchased at the time of the printer purchase.

  • Customer Pays shipping and crating of the printer. ($350 in the USA)

  • There is no additional rebate or discount if you purchase more than the minimum.


To setup the purchase and contract please contact: