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P600 DTF Printer

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Our Direct to Film (DTF) printer is a modified Epson P600 desktop photo printer.

Using our special DTF inks, film and powder adhesive you can print transfers that can be applied to many substrates like cotton, poly, denim, etc.

Perfect for decoration shirts, hats, hoodies, and more.

Features of our DTF Printer: 

  • Epson P600 based (3x faster than L1800 printers)
  • Cut outs for tall bulk ink cartridges and easy maintenance
  • External Waste ink bottle.
  • 13x19 inch print area

Printer comes with empty ink cartridges. You will need to purchase RIP software, inks, film, and powder separately or added on.


What's NOT Included but you need

  • Windows 7 or higher PC with an available USB port
  • Heat press for curing the powder adhesive and final print - We recommend a 16x20 inch press
  • Humidifier to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room
  • Ink, Pretreatment and other consumables
  • Artwork design software like Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW
  • Patience and a desire to learn... DTF appears to be push a button and go method but it's not. There is learning.. lots of learning


What you need to know before buying a DTF printer

  • Like any printing method such as screen printing, there is a learning curve to DTF. It is NOT load the film and hit print like a paper printer.
  • You have to climate control your print room. DTF works best in 70 - 78 degrees and humidity from 40% - 60%. (50% + is needed at times)
  • Inks clog and separate if not used often. The more you use the printer the better and it shouldn't be left idle more than 4 days. For longer periods flush the ink out.
  • Don't take orders until you've received and learned how to use the printer
  • You WILL have to work on and troubleshoot your printer at some point. Between user error and just the effects of use over time you will see errors and have to fix them.
  • Every day that you use the printer you will need to do 10 minutes of cleaning and wiping down the printer


Why Buy from OpenDTG?

  • Made in the USA here in our shop. We are not a reseller of someone else's machine.
  • We are a small dedicated team that is very involved in the Open Source and Maker communities. We have a passion for this.
  • We are a business with a physical commercial shop and storefront.
  • 24/7 Forum Support. Be a part of our 7,000+ and growing DTG community.
  • Chat support 7 days a week during daytime hours.
  • No buy and wait.... We keep parts and printers stocked so we can ship within a few business days. Not weeks or months.

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