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Ultimate Controller Board



  • 72mhz Arm processor that runs our smooth step code
  • Extendable. With the large IDC connector you can easily add a base Z axis controller board. So this board can be used with or without Z axis. 
  • Plugs for Laser pointer and optical sensor for head height detection.
  • Plug for Ink Cover switch that can turn on and off the ink cartridge cover.  This is good for using a desktop app or touchscreen instead of physical button
  • Full control of capping station pump and wiper blade.
  • Mosfet for switch on and off external device like UV curing light
  • Connection for Touchscreen
  • Easy wire harness plugs.
  • Uses external motor driver
  • Powered from Epson power supply

Works with Epson P600, R3000, P400, 1430 and L1800.

Includes: Controller board, Wire harnesses, buttons, ribbon cables and external motor driver.


*NOTE: Some features may require custom programming. Printer control and capping station code are included. 

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